What is it? 

FyboCalm is a new range of medical devices that help relieve and prevent gut symptoms recurring. 


FyboCalm products feature the unique Gutshield™ technology that forms a protective film on the walls of the intestines. This film helps to soothe, strengthen and promote the restoration of the gut lining to help prevent symptoms recurring. 


FyboCalm is clinically proven, and treats the root cause of gut related symptoms. 


Refers to wind and bloating and IBS gut related symptoms such as constipation and diarrhoea. 


There are three FyboCalm products and they come in capsule form to 

be swallowed with water: 

  • FyboCalm Diarrhoea Relief Capsules
  • FyboCalm Constipation Relief Capsules
  • FyboCalm Wind & Bloating Relief Capsules
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