How do bulk-forming laxatives work ?

      How do bulk-forming laxatives work ?

      01 Feb 2020

      How do bulk-Forming Laxatives Work

      This article explains what bulk-forming laxatives are, how they work, health benefits and possible side effects

      What are Bulk-Forming Laxatives
      Buld-forming laxatives are sometimes called fibre supplements. They're a first-line treatment to help manage constipation. Common buld-forming laxatives include:

      • Psyllium
      • Polycarbophil
      • Methylcellulose

      What Effects do Bulk-Forming Laxatives Have on Our Bowels ?
      Bulk-forming laxatives absorb water from the intestines to form a thich consistency. This adds bulk to the stool, which stimulates the bowel to contract naturally. These contractions help digested food to move through your intestines and form a stoll which is softer and easier to pass. Bulk-forming laxatives don't have an immediate effect and can take up to three days to work.

      What are the Benefits of Bulk-Forming Laxatives ?
      These laxatives are usefull in maintaining regular bowel movements. Bulk-forming laxatives are often recommended as first-line treatment to help manage constipation.

      They work over a long period of time and cause a gradual improvement in symptoms. This can help prvent the difficult side effects commony associated with stimulant laxatives such as the urgency to open your bowels.

      Possible Side Effects

      Bulk-forming laxatives should be taken as directed by your doctor. Make sure you don't exceed the daily recommended dose. It's also important to stay hydrated and drink drink plenty of fluids when taking these laxatives to avoid intestinal blockages.

      As with any laxative, there are possible side effect including:

      • Abdominal (stomach) cramps
      • Wind
      • Bloating

      To reduce the risk of side effects, take bulk-forming laxatives in small amounts at first, gradually increasing the dose as needed. It's recommended that you open your bowels as soon as you feel the urge to. Try to avoid resisting opening your bowels as this can worsen constipation symptoms.

      Laxatives are a useful treatment to help manage constipation. However, if you notice any unusual and/or persistent changes or are concerned about your bowel movements, you should discuss this with your doctor.